New B-Movie albums – Great music, great photos

New B-Movie albums out – go on and buy at Genetic Music for two reasons:

1. great music
2. great photos

It’s the first time, I got the chance to provide photos for an album cover.

Thank you B-Movie for making this possible.
Thank you Andy (Andrew Woods) for contacting me after my posting of B-Movie concert pics (gig in Cologne, 09.03.2013) on facebook. You started this all.
Thank you Rainer (Genetic Music) for making it possible to meet the band at the Meschede Festival on 19.07.2013.

Photos used for “Distant Skies” EP



Photos used for “The age of illusion” CD



One thought on “New B-Movie albums – Great music, great photos

  1. Andy Woods

    hi carsten

    glad it all worked out …….b-movie owe you big time for allowing us to use your wonderful photo’s

    hopefully people will recognise the quality in your photography and commission you for further work




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